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baby’s skull

The protein that keeps a baby’s skull from fusing is called “noggin.”

The Baby Vest Epiphany

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Well I never… too late for me now, but may help one of you in your hour of need!

Found this article on this site it is accompanied by a video…

Baby sleep routine really put to the test

Yesterday was a nightmare, Sue was ill to the extent that when I got home there was an ambulance outside the house. Her sister called it she was so concerned. Thankfully, all was ok but she had to go for tests in hospital immediately before they would give her the all-clear. So, with the stress of seeing my partner leave (at speed) in an ambulance, I had the boys asking for mummy, and when will she be back. I also had the prospect of putting our two previous non-sleepers to bed at the same time. I told Fe that Lucas and I would both put him to bed and give him a kiss goodnight. I’d then put Lucas to bed and come back and give Fe a story.
Fe, thankfully, agreed that this would be ok. So that’s what we did. My biggest concern was that Lucas is a complete mummy’s boy and would not settle with me but I stuck to the routine that Sue has built up and after stories and saying ‘night-night’ he turned over and went to sleep. I crept out and went to Fe’s room, we had two stories then he turned over and went to sleep too. This allowed me to go back to the kitchen and sit and worry for the next 4 hours. What fun. But it did show me the value of the night routine and that parents can take turns putting baby to bed but you have to do things exactly the same.