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The Baby Vest Epiphany

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Well I never… too late for me now, but may help one of you in your hour of need!

Found this article on this site it is accompanied by a video…

The dreaded Chicken Pox arrives to mess up our sleep routine!

We have been dreading this moment for the last three and a half years, after countless colds and coughs ruining our sleep progress.

Felix arrived back from Pre-School on Tuesday afternoon with chicken pox, we noticed a few red dots on the back of his neck that evening, by morning they had spread to his torso, arms and legs and by the following day they were on his face too. And in hindsight we now realise it started the weekend before, he was in an unbearable mood and nothing would curb his grumpiness and naughtiness – but he was sore and irritable so that makes sense now.

I prepared by buying calamine and glycerin lotion and ice lollies – just in case he got them in his mouth and stocked up on a liquid anti-histamine for night-time use so he wouldn’t scratch himself. But actually his sleep wasn’t too disturbed, we just made sure he wasn’t too hot at night and went to him when he woke. For once, something went our way!

We also made a point of taking both the boys out for a walk in the evening when there was no-one around, the fresh air and a change of scene helped his mood. But remember not to over exert your little ones, Chicken Pox leaves them tired and listless and with little or no appetite for food their energy levels are depleted.

Top tips to get you through Chicken Pox
- Ice Lollies – to help an itchy mouth
- A cool room to sleep in
- Anti-histamine (Please always read the label for dosage, and ask a pharmacist or doctor for advice before administering it)
- Go for evening walks, the fresh air will do your little one good and aid a good night’s sleep. Just make sure you keep away from public areas as there is a risk to new born babies and pregnant women.
- Tempt their taste buds with their favourite foods, don’t worry too much if they are not eating the right things like they normally do/should, do what you can to keep their energy levels up (within reason!).

2 sleeps during the day makes a difference

It’s been suggested a few times to us, that maybe keeping our baby awake all day would make him so tired, he would sleep all night. The opposite in fact, turns out to be the case. All we got was a very grumpy baby who was impossible to settle. Over the last 3 months, we’ve noticed that if Lucas has two short sleeps during the day, he usually sleeps through the night. Have we cracked his routine? Time will tell so we will keep you posted.