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Chicken Pox arrives again


Last Monday morning (30th Sept) Lucas woke up with a few spots on his face and torso (escalating to complete coverage a day later), Chicken Pox is back! Almost exactly 2 weeks to the day after Felix got it. Felix’s experience was a walk in the park in comparison to that of poor little Lucas’s. The usually happy-go-lucky boy he is went out of the window and was replaced by a grumpy, tired, listless, moany creature. I felt so sorry for him. And his sleep progress which had been showing great promise went, along with my own happy-go-lucky nature.

So now that both boys have had chicken pox you start to build up a picture of how it affects them so differently. And how to treat their symptoms accordingly. Lucas unlike Felix got the virus in his mouth and ears and after a trip to the doctors to make sure he was OK, she prescribed calamine lotion and as directed by the doctor to calm his temperature we gave him paracetamol and ibuprofen consecutively at 2 hour intervals (each medication being administered 4 hours apart as instructed on the bottles). I kept a chart on the fridge so I could check what I’d given him and when – very, very important when you are tired from a lack of sleep. And for his age group you can only give them 2 lots of anti-histamine a day so we kept that for night time use only. This worked OK, but be prepared if your child looks like they have been stung by a band of very angry wasps you are going to be up all night. Prepare yourself for this and you will be more accepting and calm about it.

So things to remember about Chicken Pox:
1) Each outbreak can be completely different.
2) Calamine lotion is good for an overall coverage whereas the cream is good for targeting isolated areas.
3) Bath your child each night and apply the calamine lotion to their scalp when wet if they have spots on their head, it stops them clawing their head all night.
4) Be prepared to be up, try not to stress about the sleep routine too much. Everything is fixable! See Listening to advice for a pep-talk about rescuing the sleep routine another day.

Hope this helps some of you, and please remember always read the label on your child’s medication before administering it. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure. Sleep tight!