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Night 1, 18 month old Lucas in his big boy bed

We’ve dreaded this night for months but things have to change! So after a day of building Felix’s new ‘bigger boy’ bed, removing the cot and moving Felix’s old bed in to Lucas’s room, buying new bedding sets and accessories for both Felix and Lucas and a quick tea round at my Mum’s and Dad’s house – it was bath time, a quick 5 minutes of Postman Pat on TV whilst I made his milk up and off Lucas and I went to bed.

I have racked my brains all day about how I was going to handle the night time routine, had my pep-talk from Andy and decided that I would play it by ear.

So this is how the settling in to his new bed went… so far…


I sat him on my knee as I always do on his big comfy chair, gave him his bottle. As he drank it I started to work out my strategy in my head. I realised that the problem wasn’t so much Lucas staying asleep all night (although this is a big factor) but me holding him until he falls asleep and then putting him down in his cot.

So, after his bottle I carried him to his bed, lay him down and said “put your head on the pillow”, to my surprise he did. I then crossed the room (and told him I was going to get a story book), picked up two short stories sat beside him and read them. He was quite animated and pointed at things in the first book. I then waved to the books and said goodnight to them – so he would understand they were going away. Crossed the room put them back on the shelf and put the main lamp off. I then returned to the side of the bed and sat on the floor. I closed my eyes and just sat there not engaging with him. He chatted, scratched the wall, fumbled around, banged the headboard but not once did he make an attempt to get out of bed. After about 15-20 minutes his breathing changed, he rubbed his eyes and finally fell asleep, stirring once as the floor creaked as I tried to get up and once as I straightened his cover so he wouldn’t get cold. I then left his room.


I will write as the night unfolds (or not if I am lucky!!!).

Is it time for a bed

Bed day for baby has nearly arrived. Felix’x single bed arrived today, the mattress is due tomorrow. So countdown is commencing to Lucas getting felix’s hand-me-down little boy bed. The time has come where I can no longer sit with him until he falls asleep in my arms at bed time and through the night when he awakens upset or hungry or both.

So I sit here and think… well, now is the time to train our little 18 month old baby to want to sleep through the night. I am anticipating, like Felix, Lucas will be a challenge. If you read my account of ‘The night you hit the wall’ you will understand my trepidation of this thought. I’ll keep you posted to OUR progress.

2 sleeps during the day makes a difference

It’s been suggested a few times to us, that maybe keeping our baby awake all day would make him so tired, he would sleep all night. The opposite in fact, turns out to be the case. All we got was a very grumpy baby who was impossible to settle. Over the last 3 months, we’ve noticed that if Lucas has two short sleeps during the day, he usually sleeps through the night. Have we cracked his routine? Time will tell so we will keep you posted.

Misery loves company

Sometimes it’s just nice to share a quiet moment – rare that they are these days and usually between 2 and 4 am but beggars can’t be choosers. Cup of tea and a cream slice really took the edge off the stress of the night’s event’s. back to bed for two and a half hours quality shut-eye.

a Dad’s perspective

Just because Sue does all the nightfeeds and running to and fro when Lucas kicks off, doesn’t mean I don’t do my share. Although monkey number one was ‘cracked’ shortly before the birth of monkey number two, he too, still has his moments. Last night was one of those moments. 45 minutes of sheer tantrum (including slapping and kicking – Fe, not me). Nothing could console him so not sure if it was a nightmare or he had a temperature or whatever. Brought back some bad memories and also the thought that things can go pear shaped at ANY time – so don’t get complacent. And DON’T take that sleep for granted.


Tired and tested

Not a great night’s sleep, last night. Two disturbances. a wet mattress and then a full bottle. Ho Hum. Onwards and upwards