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The Baby Vest Epiphany

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Well I never… too late for me now, but may help one of you in your hour of need!

Found this article on this site it is accompanied by a video…

Night 2, 18 month old in bed – there’s a natural sleep routine happening

Night 2 bedtime went smoothly, we are settling in to a nice routine. Our 18 month old baby Lucas is enjoying his bottle, getting comfy in his bed and being read and sung to. So, as I fade my singing to a quiet hum I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep, like before he talks, scratches the wall and wriggles around then his breathing changes and he falls asleep. I feel lucky, but it’s short-lived…

His sleep is quite restless, all to do with a tickly cough and so he moans from about 10.30pm until he finally wakes at 12am. I try, as planned in my head, to settle him in his bed by not taking him out but he is too upset. The cough is affecting his already sensitive gag reflex so making him feel sick. I pick him up, try to settle him sat on my knee but quickly decide that this isn’t going to work, I change him, Andy warms a bottle and I feed him. He coughs, throws up everywhere then screams the house down for what feels like an eternity. Andy warms another smaller amount of milk which I give him. Finally around 3am he falls asleep and I’m able to leave the room. He wakes 30 minutes later and this time I manage to settle him back to sleep by stroking his head whilst he lies in his bed.

I get to bed at 4am. It’s cold, my feet are freezing and by now I’m wide awake! I perservere and eventually I sleep too. He wakes at 6am. The day starts again.

2 sleeps during the day makes a difference

It’s been suggested a few times to us, that maybe keeping our baby awake all day would make him so tired, he would sleep all night. The opposite in fact, turns out to be the case. All we got was a very grumpy baby who was impossible to settle. Over the last 3 months, we’ve noticed that if Lucas has two short sleeps during the day, he usually sleeps through the night. Have we cracked his routine? Time will tell so we will keep you posted.