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The true costs of bringing up a baby


The cost of having a baby…

No doubt, the issue of finance comes up at some point when you discuss the arrival of a baby. Whether planned or a complete surprise, the prospect of any new arrival brings the question of money and few parents are actually aware of the trues cost of having a baby beforehand.

handy baby costs calculator

Not that having a baby is a financial decision, but money is a factor for some people when planning a family. And, planned or not, it can help to know what to expect.

What Financial Advisors Wish You Knew About Having a Baby

Interesting article about the financial impact of your little bundle of joy. From nappies, child care and other essentials, few things can prepare you for the financial impact of the arrival of a baby. baby budget – dealing with your OMG moment…

Sleepless nights thanks to Scarlet Fever

Felix started with a cough about a week ago, this then moved on to loss of appetite, aching to his legs and neck and an itchy rash to his neck, head and torso, his cheeks looked like they would burn you if you touched them. Then came the night screaming we’ve been up until 4.30am pretty much every night for about four days now. On Sunday evening we took him to an out-of-hours treatment centre at our local hospital where he was vaguely diagnosed with either slapped cheek syndrome or scarlet fever, prescribed paracetamol and told to go to our GP if it hadn’t cleared up in 48 hours. But instead, we opted to call our GP on Monday morning, who after taking a look at Felix diagnosed him with Scarlet Fever and prescribed penicilin. So he’s now had a 24 hours worth of medicine but still awoke tonight itching ferociously. It’s painful to watch and he is exhausted with it all and fed up with all the medication.

Tips for getting through Scarlet Fever:
1) Doctor recommended not to bath him as she said due to the nature of the virus his body temperature would be going from one extreme to the other and it would do its best to regulate itself, bathing him would only aggravate it.
2) Have calamine lotion at the ready.
3) And ice-pops, ice-lollies etc. Scarlet Fever starts in the throat and so a soothing cool ice-pop will calm things down.
4) Wash bedding, clothing, etc daily as Scarlet Fever is highly contagious. But note, your child is no longer contagious to others after 24 hours of taking prescribed medication.

Let’s hope we get a good nights sleep tonight, fingers crossed. :(