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Baby got the snuffles? Especially at night? Where’s the best place to apply vapour rub?


Vapour Rub has many benefits, it has anti-fungal properties, it can soothe tired muscles and joints (and boy! we have them after a day with the children), it can heal sunburn, be used to moisturise your skin, help you combat dry cracked heals and calluses, it can even provide pain relief for ear infections and soothe dry itchy ears, with headaches, acne, dandruff…

The list is infinite!

But did you know if you rub a bit on the soles of your little ones feet right before bedtime it can help with their night time snuffles and so aid a good night’s sleep!


white noise for babies in the news again

I keep finding more articles about the pro’s and con’s of white noise for babies and the effects it allegedly has on their hearing. White noise mp3s were something we’ve used with some success and I can only assume that the damage (and I can find no evidence supporting this has occurred) would surely be due to the volume that some people have been using it at – not the harmonic composition of the actual noise itself.

There are guidelines regarding recommended noise limits but surely as a parent you would know, not only when something is a nuisance to your little and, most definitely, when something was loud enough to cause damage!!

Interesting stuff – I’d like to hear about any of your experiences.

Night 1, unfolds…

How our night went. Lucas slept until 1.15am. I changed him, fed him and he fell asleep in my arms. Rather than sitting there (for a long time) whilst he goes in to a deep sleep I lifted him and lay him in his bed. He woke up and I just sat next to him, to my surprise he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. I heard him playing with a musical Mickey Mouse toy at about 6.50am and about 7.10am he walked in to our room holding 2 teddy bears and saying “Mummy”. You can imagine how amazed I was.
Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad. Felix woke just before 4am, wet and needing a bed and pj change. A quick trip to the toilet and he was back in bed. But he cried for his Dad every 15 minutes or so until 5.30am. So we are shattered!