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Baby got the snuffles? Especially at night? Where’s the best place to apply vapour rub?


Vapour Rub has many benefits, it has anti-fungal properties, it can soothe tired muscles and joints (and boy! we have them after a day with the children), it can heal sunburn, be used to moisturise your skin, help you combat dry cracked heals and calluses, it can even provide pain relief for ear infections and soothe dry itchy ears, with headaches, acne, dandruff…

The list is infinite!

But did you know if you rub a bit on the soles of your little ones feet right before bedtime it can help with their night time snuffles and so aid a good night’s sleep!


The Baby Vest Epiphany

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Well I never… too late for me now, but may help one of you in your hour of need!

Found this article on this site it is accompanied by a video…

Night 1, 18 month old Lucas in his big boy bed

We’ve dreaded this night for months but things have to change! So after a day of building Felix’s new ‘bigger boy’ bed, removing the cot and moving Felix’s old bed in to Lucas’s room, buying new bedding sets and accessories for both Felix and Lucas and a quick tea round at my Mum’s and Dad’s house – it was bath time, a quick 5 minutes of Postman Pat on TV whilst I made his milk up and off Lucas and I went to bed.

I have racked my brains all day about how I was going to handle the night time routine, had my pep-talk from Andy and decided that I would play it by ear.

So this is how the settling in to his new bed went… so far…


I sat him on my knee as I always do on his big comfy chair, gave him his bottle. As he drank it I started to work out my strategy in my head. I realised that the problem wasn’t so much Lucas staying asleep all night (although this is a big factor) but me holding him until he falls asleep and then putting him down in his cot.

So, after his bottle I carried him to his bed, lay him down and said “put your head on the pillow”, to my surprise he did. I then crossed the room (and told him I was going to get a story book), picked up two short stories sat beside him and read them. He was quite animated and pointed at things in the first book. I then waved to the books and said goodnight to them – so he would understand they were going away. Crossed the room put them back on the shelf and put the main lamp off. I then returned to the side of the bed and sat on the floor. I closed my eyes and just sat there not engaging with him. He chatted, scratched the wall, fumbled around, banged the headboard but not once did he make an attempt to get out of bed. After about 15-20 minutes his breathing changed, he rubbed his eyes and finally fell asleep, stirring once as the floor creaked as I tried to get up and once as I straightened his cover so he wouldn’t get cold. I then left his room.


I will write as the night unfolds (or not if I am lucky!!!).