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‘Sleep Deprivation Results’ resonate with Why won’t my baby sleep

Sleep deprivation – we feel your pain!! Because sometimes you just need to have a laugh about it all. Stay sane.

baby sleep routine paying dividends

It occurred to me the other night after we put the boys to bed, that bedtime is now much less stressful than it used to be. In fact, it’s actually quite a nice time of day – starting with pyjamas on, hands and faces washed, teeth brushed then the goodnight hugs and night-nights. It seems to have been a slow transition from a routine that could take up our whole night – to a twenty minute activity. We still follow our guidelines for the night time sleep routine – subdued lights, calm voices, warm milk and then picking a favourite book.

Night 2, 18 month old in bed – there’s a natural sleep routine happening

Night 2 bedtime went smoothly, we are settling in to a nice routine. Our 18 month old baby Lucas is enjoying his bottle, getting comfy in his bed and being read and sung to. So, as I fade my singing to a quiet hum I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep, like before he talks, scratches the wall and wriggles around then his breathing changes and he falls asleep. I feel lucky, but it’s short-lived…

His sleep is quite restless, all to do with a tickly cough and so he moans from about 10.30pm until he finally wakes at 12am. I try, as planned in my head, to settle him in his bed by not taking him out but he is too upset. The cough is affecting his already sensitive gag reflex so making him feel sick. I pick him up, try to settle him sat on my knee but quickly decide that this isn’t going to work, I change him, Andy warms a bottle and I feed him. He coughs, throws up everywhere then screams the house down for what feels like an eternity. Andy warms another smaller amount of milk which I give him. Finally around 3am he falls asleep and I’m able to leave the room. He wakes 30 minutes later and this time I manage to settle him back to sleep by stroking his head whilst he lies in his bed.

I get to bed at 4am. It’s cold, my feet are freezing and by now I’m wide awake! I perservere and eventually I sleep too. He wakes at 6am. The day starts again.

Night 1, unfolds…

How our night went. Lucas slept until 1.15am. I changed him, fed him and he fell asleep in my arms. Rather than sitting there (for a long time) whilst he goes in to a deep sleep I lifted him and lay him in his bed. He woke up and I just sat next to him, to my surprise he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. I heard him playing with a musical Mickey Mouse toy at about 6.50am and about 7.10am he walked in to our room holding 2 teddy bears and saying “Mummy”. You can imagine how amazed I was.
Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad. Felix woke just before 4am, wet and needing a bed and pj change. A quick trip to the toilet and he was back in bed. But he cried for his Dad every 15 minutes or so until 5.30am. So we are shattered!

Night 1, 18 month old Lucas in his big boy bed

We’ve dreaded this night for months but things have to change! So after a day of building Felix’s new ‘bigger boy’ bed, removing the cot and moving Felix’s old bed in to Lucas’s room, buying new bedding sets and accessories for both Felix and Lucas and a quick tea round at my Mum’s and Dad’s house – it was bath time, a quick 5 minutes of Postman Pat on TV whilst I made his milk up and off Lucas and I went to bed.

I have racked my brains all day about how I was going to handle the night time routine, had my pep-talk from Andy and decided that I would play it by ear.

So this is how the settling in to his new bed went… so far…


I sat him on my knee as I always do on his big comfy chair, gave him his bottle. As he drank it I started to work out my strategy in my head. I realised that the problem wasn’t so much Lucas staying asleep all night (although this is a big factor) but me holding him until he falls asleep and then putting him down in his cot.

So, after his bottle I carried him to his bed, lay him down and said “put your head on the pillow”, to my surprise he did. I then crossed the room (and told him I was going to get a story book), picked up two short stories sat beside him and read them. He was quite animated and pointed at things in the first book. I then waved to the books and said goodnight to them – so he would understand they were going away. Crossed the room put them back on the shelf and put the main lamp off. I then returned to the side of the bed and sat on the floor. I closed my eyes and just sat there not engaging with him. He chatted, scratched the wall, fumbled around, banged the headboard but not once did he make an attempt to get out of bed. After about 15-20 minutes his breathing changed, he rubbed his eyes and finally fell asleep, stirring once as the floor creaked as I tried to get up and once as I straightened his cover so he wouldn’t get cold. I then left his room.


I will write as the night unfolds (or not if I am lucky!!!).