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The true costs of bringing up a baby


The cost of having a baby…

No doubt, the issue of finance comes up at some point when you discuss the arrival of a baby. Whether planned or a complete surprise, the prospect of any new arrival brings the question of money and few parents are actually aware of the trues cost of having a baby beforehand.

handy baby costs calculator

Not that having a baby is a financial decision, but money is a factor for some people when planning a family. And, planned or not, it can help to know what to expect.

What Financial Advisors Wish You Knew About Having a Baby

Interesting article about the financial impact of your little bundle of joy. From nappies, child care and other essentials, few things can prepare you for the financial impact of the arrival of a baby. baby budget – dealing with your OMG moment…

thought you may need cheering up

Maybe it’s 2am and you’ve had a rough time. Here’s my favourite joke of the moment. Hope it cheers you up.

A dad hunts and kills a deer and decides to cook it for the family dinner. As he doesn’t want to upset his kids who love bambi, he decides not to tell them what it is. However, during the meal he decides to give them one clue.
“It’s what your mother affectionately calls me.” he says. His six year old boys shouts out “It’s a fucking dick, don’t eat it!”

more sillyness here if you need a laugh… guaranteed pick up lines