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Interesting baby facts!

baby fact

In 1970, the average age for a first-time mom in the U.S. was 21. By 2008, it was 25.1.

In 1235, Henry III decreed that Christian wet nurses could not nurse Jewish babies.

Babies are born with natural swimming abilities. And can hold their breath. However, this ability quickly disappears..

It’s selfish to have children, claims actress Maxine Peake

Silk star Maxine Peake claims it is so selfish to have children

Actress questions people’s motivation for having a family in newspaper interview

She told Times there is an element of ‘vanity’ to continuing bloodline and also disclosed her heartache at failure to conceive children of her own. Miss Peake had explored IVF and had suffered agony of two miscarriages. She also admitted that it was perhaps the suffering she endured and her resignation to the fact she would not have children that made her reflect on peoples motivation to have a baby.

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